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Imagining The Battle of Winterfell as a Group Project

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Are you an Arya? A Jon? Hopefully not a Bran... The Pop breaks down the different types of people in group projects and compares them to the characters in Game of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell.

It's officially Finals Season, which means students everywhere are currently pulling their hair out over their seemingly never-ending group projects. In honor of this period of stress for students, we here at The Pop created a Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell group member comparison to show the different ways our favorite Thrones characters handled their stress. Here's the breakdown:

The Leaders

Greyworm: The group leader who panics when the group starts to head in the wrong direction but still leads everyone the right way as they’re internally screaming

Arya Stark: The person who puts the team on their back and comes up clutch during the presentation

The "At Least They Tried"

Samwell Tarly: The person who clearly is in way over their head but does their best, so the rest of the group helps them out reluctantly

The Hound: The person who starts off hot with their contributions but gets overwhelmed by the workload until someone tells them what to do

Theon Greyjoy: The person who the group doesn’t really like but tries hard, so you have to respect the effort

The Sacrificers

Lyanna Mormont: The person who talks a big game about how much they’ll contribute and then comes through with their one big contribution despite it keeping them up all night

Jorah Mormont: The person who just wears it during the presentation and answers the questions that the group wasn’t really prepared to answer

Edd Tollet: The person who offers to help with your work but then doesn’t get their own done

The Wild Cards

Daenerys Targaryen: The person who agrees to the group’s plan but then goes rogue and immediately starts doing their own thing

Ghost: The low key genius in the group who NEVER GETS TO SHOW THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL

The Role Players

Tormund Giantsbane: The person who is sneaky killing it (haha) but gets zero credit

Melisandre: The person who shows up last minute and gives the project the finishing touches to make it look nice

Jamie Lannister: The person who switches groups and ends up being super clutch

Sir Brienne of Tarth: The ultimate team player who stays true to the heart of the group through the ups and downs

The Frat Brothers

Gendry: The person who is too hungover and caught up thinking about their wild night to have a big impact

Podrick Payne: The person who clearly put on his freshman 15 but is still getting hit on by the girls in his group

Beric Dondarrion: The person who partied way too much last night and shouldn’t be able to move but still made it to the meeting

The Disappearing Acts

Tyrion Lannister: The smart person who talks a big game but doesn’t step up when the group is getting absolutely hammered by the professor

Lord Varys: The person who always leaves the rest of the group asking “Didn’t we have another person in our group?”

Davos Seaworth: The person whose hatred for another group member prevents them from getting any work done

The Counterproductive

The Night King: The person who is crushing it until they get a question during the presentation that freezes them, and everyone just watches as they fall apart

Jon Snow: The person who acts busy and is supposed to get a lot done but really just creates blank slides with titles

Bran Stark: The person who shows up to every meeting but contributes absolutely nothing

Sansa Stark: The person who just complains about the amount of work there is to do the whole time instead of actually doing anything

Who are you in group projects? Who are your favorite and least favorite people to work with? Let us know on Twitter @thepop_network and on Instagram @thepopnetwork. Good luck with finals to all the students struggling with group projects; don't be a Bran!


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