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The Snackable Content Bracket

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Voters, voters, on whom we call, what's the most snackable show of them all?

Picture this- you get home and have that awkward 20 minutes of waiting before having to leave again, so you turn on the TV. What show are you watching?

As each of us here at The Pop have a different answer to this question, we are calling upon the brilliance of our readers to settle this debate. But before we entrust you with the power of voting for your favorite shows, we want to make sure you have all of the information you need.

The question we are ultimately asking here is "what are the best ‘snackable’ shows to watch in the situation provided above.” So what are snackable shows? We define them as shows that can be started and stopped at any point while still maintaining the same level of entertainment value. Let’s unpack that a bit more.

Snackable Content

For a show to be snackable, it needs to be able to provide the same entertainment value regardless of what point you begin the episode. Most, if not all, non-comedies require some form of emotional investment and are often too difficult to turn off before the episode ends. While Game of Thrones may be one of our favorite shows, we would never be able to only watch 15 minutes of an episode. As such, all of the shows that we have selected are comedies.

Snackable shows also require very little attachment to a series-spanning plot. Each episode of Family Guy, for example, is its own story; you don’t need any knowledge of the previous episode for the show to be funny. Within each episode, the comedy created in each scene is more important than the overall plot of the show. Even programs with an overarching plot like Brooklyn 99 and The Office fit into this category, as we watch for the humor of the show more-so than the drama of the plot.

Essentially, snackable shows are easily digestible comedies that can make you laugh at any point in an episode or season.

The Brackets

Now that you know what we consider to be snackable, let’s get into the four brackets: Animated, Friends Focused, Workplace Comedy, and Family Centered/Sketch.


This one should be pretty self-explanatory- all 8 of the shows in this category are animated.


1. South Park

2. Family Guy

3. The Simpsons

4. Fairly Odd Parents

5. Archer

6. Futurama

7. Rick and Morty

8. Bob's Burgers


The 8 shows in this category all focus on a group of friends.


1. Friends

2. That 70's Show

3. How I Met Your Mother

4. Seinfeld

5. New Girl

6. Curb Your Enthusiasm

7. Will & Grace

8. The Big Bang Theory

Workplace Comedy

These shows all take place in and/or around a workplace, whether it be a bar, an office, or a school.


1. The Office

2. Parks and Recreation

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

5. Cheers

6. 30 Rock

7. Workaholics

8. Community


This section of the bracket represents a mixture of two different categories. The family-centered category revolves around a family at the heart of the show, while the sketch category is made up of shows with multiple short scenes with separate plots.


1. Saturday Night Live

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

3. Key & Peele

4. Chappelle's Show

5. Drake & Josh

6. Arrested Development

7. Full House

8. Modern Family


Now that you have all of the info you need, it’s time to hit the polls and vote! While we don’t have the “I Voted” stickers for you to show off on your Instas, we do have an extremely important debate for you to settle with your friends, so get out there and cast your votes already!

Head to @ThePop_Network on Twitter and @thepopnetwork on Instagram to let us know what shows you think are the most snackable. There’s no Electoral College here to overrule the popular vote, so every vote matters. Time to defend your favorite shows!

Round 1 Update

The results of the first round are in! Check out what shows moved on to round 2 below and let us know what result is the hardest to believe on Twitter and Instagram!

Sweet 16 Matchups

Animated Bracket

1. South Park vs. 4. Fairly Odd Parents

2. Family Guy vs. 3. The Simpsons

Friends Centered Bracket

1. Friends vs. 5. New Girl

2. That 70's Show vs. 3. How I Met Your Mother

Workplace Bracket

1. The Office vs. 4. Always Sunny

2. Parks and Rec vs. 3. Brooklyn 99

Family Focused/Sketch Bracket

1. SNL vs. 5. Drake & Josh

2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs 3. Key & Peele

Sweet 16 Update

Two 1 seeds fall in the Sweet 16! The Elite 8 is shaping up to be a battle of the throwbacks- will we see any more of our top seeds fall this round?

Elite 8 Matchups

Animated Bracket

2. Family Guy vs. 4. The Fairly Odd Parents

Friends Centered Bracket

1. Friends vs. 2. That 70's Show

Workplace Bracket

1. The Office vs. 2. Parks and Rec

Family Focused/Sketch Bracket

5. Drake & Josh vs. 2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Elite 8 Update

The tournament favorites The Office and Friends are still alive, while the underdog Drake & Josh shows no signs of slowing down! Will we get the matchup the bookmakers expected, or is an upset in the making?

Final 4 Matchups

Animated vs. Friends Centered Brackets

2. Family Guy vs. 1. Friends

Workplace vs. Family Focused/Sketch Bracket

5. Drake & Josh vs. 1. The Office

Final 4 Update

Drake and Josh's upset reign ends with two one seeds meeting in the final! This is where the decisions get tough... will your favorite show be The Office or Friends? We're sorry for making you choose (not really, but thank you for voting!).

Final Matchup

1. The Office vs. 1. Friends

Final Results

After weeks of voting and some extremely difficult decisions, we finally have our winner! Congratulations to The Office for being voted the most snackable show on television!

Thank you so very much to all who voted! We know you were forced to make some decisions that broke your heart (we received plenty of "how could you do this to me" messages), but the people have spoken and our champion has been crowned! Stay up to date on all of the latest content on The Pop by following out social channels @ThePop_Network on TW and @thepopnetwork on IG.


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